ILC releases the power of your information

Empower your staff with intelligent provision of relevant information.


Realize Cross- und Upselling Potential

Ensure successful sales with the ILC Sales Cockpit and its 360° - customer view.


Fascinate customers with excellent Service

Enhance your customer loyalty and customer satisfaction with the ILC Service Cockpit.


Exemplary use cases

ILC Experts

The customer needs fast support for certain circumstances? The Experts App dynamically determines the best internal contact person. Thus, you can route the customer to your internal expert straight away. There's no need to keep your customers waiting!

ILC News

Always perfectly informed! With the News App you receive relevant news about the customer from the Internet. Hence, you are understanding your customers needs and concerns right before you talk to them.

ILC Companies

The Companies App compiles a company profile with information from all internal and external sources. At a glance you get the status quo about the customer across all touch points at your fingertips. Additionally you have an instant view on e.g. the solvency index, open invoices or company turnover.

ILC Documents

You need a customer arrangement in order to make the right decision? With the Documents App you have all relevant documents like offers, contracts or general agreements always handy. No matter in which systems these are stored.

ILC Contacts

Due to the Contacts App you are always well informed about your contact person. Are they reacting to marketing campaigns, downloading product information or are there any news on their social profiles? Use these information in your next conversation in order to tailor your customer approach.

ILC Reference

The customer would like to know who already uses a certain product or service? With the Reference App you have your references for e.g. certain regions or industries at hand in order to convince your customers.

ILC Timeline App

You would like to know what is new about your customer since your last visit or telephone call? With the ILC Timeline you receive all relevant information in chronological order, across all systems. Besides, the information is ready by a context recognition already with the phone call of the customer.

ILC Product Fit

Do you unlock the whole customer potential? The Product-Fit-App indicates which products the customer currently uses and which can be offered complementary, e.g. including USP argumentation and competitive comparison. Thus you can enable your employees to unlock cross- and upselling potential.

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